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Welcome to the "Cindy and Joe" web site, an adult site for people who are into pussy stretching and vaginal fisting.

Bulletin - 29 March 2006: Our MSN Groups site is now closed!

Dear members of "Cindy and Joe (Public)" at MSN Groups,

As previously announced, MSN Groups has decided to close all adult groups.

MSN Groups has recommended a certain migration path, but Cindy and I have decided that we do not like the environment at the recommended target site. In fact, we find that site quite incompatible with the principles we've had of trying to provide a friendly and informative place for both women and men, and with no demands for credit cards.

We had originally thought that our group could remain in operation at MSN Groups until the final deadline, but new information about the possible consequences of still-open but not-yet-moved groups has forced our hand. We are now closing our group to (hopefully) prevent the possibility of MSN Groups moving our group to their designated alternative site despite our decision that we do not want it moved.

You can still find "Cindy and Joe" on the Internet at our front-end web site www.CindyAndJoe.com (here) and at our "Data Archive" web site www.CindyAndJoeArchive.com.

We may attempt to start a new group-like activity on the Internet at some time in the future. No decision has been made yet. If/when we do start such a site, it will be announced on this web site.

Cindy and I can be reached by e-mail at these addresses: cindy_cindyandjoe@hotmail.com and joe_cindyandjoe@hotmail.com. (Note the "_" character which is part of each e-mail address.)

Cindy and I would like to say thank you for your participation, especially to those of you who have been active at our MSN group. It's been fun, and the participation of you members and the many kind words of appreciation that we've received over the years have made it all worth while.

Remember to be good to each other and to have fun. :-)

Yours, Cindy and Joe


We still have a web site at "The 'Cindy and Joe' Data Archive".

This site contains a great amount of factual information, all of the Cindy pictures, and almost all of the Cindy video clips.
We have previously had a cooperation with the pay site www.38hh.com, which features BoomBoom and her natural 38HH breasts!